Work on an Open source project?

Review/raise Pull Requests that always meet the project's coding standards
Save everyone's time on code review


Add Sidekick as a dev dependency  
$ npm i sidekick --save-dev
Add a
file to your repo by running  
$ sidekick init
Sidekick picks up your code style and lint settings. You choose the types of issues that fail your build.
Enable Sidekick on your CI build to fail PRs that don't meet your standards.
You could also add a note to
asking for PRs to pass Sidekick checks.

That's it - everyone wins!


We have benefited enormously from Open Source software in our jobs.
Maintaining an Open Source project can be a thankless task.
We wanted to give something back to the Open Source community and say thanks!
We maintain Open Source and want it to be easier to contribute and maintain.
Sidekick is built on Open Source:
We use eslint, jshint, tslint and coffeelint for linting.
Code style
We use jscs for code style checks.
We use david-dm for node dependency analysis.
We use rubocop for ruby analysis.
Our app uses electron, node, angular and semantic ui and 100s of other open source modules.